I am an introverted author & speaker who loves staying in the shadows. I overcame stage fright. I inspire leaders to #leadlikeaqueen #podcaster


  • Chris Moore

    Chris Moore

    Husband. Father. Consultant. Entrepreneur. Helping leaders renew themselves so they can rejuvenate their business. Get free help at http://chrismoorelive.com/

  • Franka Baly

    Franka Baly

    I’m a Dreamer. UX Designer. Creative Soul. Badass Biz Coach. Joy Spreader. Visit me where I share my passions with the world at http://frankabaly.com

  • Kourtney Coleman

    Kourtney Coleman

    Coach, Mentor, Podcaster, Author! I encourage, inspire & equip women to make their impact FROM THE INSIDE-OUT. Get out of your head and into action!

  • hotPrayers & Poetry

    hotPrayers & Poetry

    RAW ON STAGE. Bold & broken in her writing, Jamillah, aka hotPrayers, speaks to unparalleled strength she believes lives in us all

  • Linda H. Katz

    Linda H. Katz

  • Kelly Lovell

    Kelly Lovell

    Youth Mobilizer, #Speaker, #Entrepreneur, Founder @MyEffectToday & Producer/Host @YOUeffect. Her Majesty's 2016 #QueensYoungLeader working to #inspire

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