URGENT — Fight for Black Women Leaders Now

Black Women Are Exhausted, And We Must Support Them In Community Now.

I am very conscious that many black women, such as digital nomad Franki, aka JoyRoute, openly express their experiences with bias in the workplace AND their choices to leave the workplace because of the ongoing trauma they had endured without the support of enduring advocates. In her latest article, Franki shared some disturbing details of how co-workers interacted with her in very insensitive ways and how she responded by seeking support from leadership, but unfortunately, the leaders’ responses were pretty much useless and fruitless.


Many black women leaders like Franki are tired of fighting without having true support in the workplace. So, they stopped fighting and found other ways to find joy and true support for themselves.

Another example is Stephanie Perry, a housesitting coach and YouTube personality who mentors and coaches black women on how they can leave toxic jobs, or at least find ways to take extended breaks from their jobs. She even started a scholarship program to provide sabbaticals for black women creatives. Stephanie’s Vaycarious community started out by contributing to painter Myeshia Frances and contributed $25k towards her sabbatical in Rwanda, where she’s studying alongside local African artists. Also, Stephanie and Roshida Dowe are co-founders of the ExodUS Summit, a yearly conference that helps black women learn how to legitimately earn money while they are traveling* and enjoying freedom away from the “normal” micro-aggressive/racist toxic workplace offices.


An example of advocates seeking to support black women at work is the Lean In organization started by former CFO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. They have an event coming tomorrow (Tues 2/21/23) that can help black women and their allies to come together on common ground around this topic of supporting black women in the workplace. It’s called 50 Ways to Fight Bias and is a free event. You can register via Eventbrite.

Whether you’re a black woman tired of fighting or someone who loves a black woman and wants to fight for them, there are ways to do it all in whatever way works best for you. I recommend plugging in with a community that fits or resonates with you as the first step. There’s power in love and support you get when surrounded by a like-minded group of people.

Missed The Event? Here’s a video recap…

Read my previous article to learn more about the community that I’ve been plugging in with.

*Affiliate Link: This is a legitimate resource that I have also used myself and found to be very helpful. If you use my link, I may be compensated for referring you. Thank you in advance for supporting me in this way.

Coach Donna Marie Johnson

Overcoming trauma as a black woman leader pursuing lofty goals. I support you to plant your seeds of transformation so you can Lead Like A Queen & go for it too