Escaping Misogyny in Georgia

Coach Donna Marie Johnson
4 min readSep 18, 2021

I was featured on TV… not for misogyny issues, but this part of my story gives more context to that TV interview feature.

Even the fact that I have to put this out there is a shame… and I hope Georgia state’s leaders are hearing me and are willing to make a plan to fix this. These old outdated laws do not make America great.

UPDATE: As of 11–21, I was hired into a temporary program for spousal caregivers to be paid for taking care of their spouses. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. I am grateful for this opportunity during this extended pandemic because hiring new caregivers is very challenging right now (unless I was able to pay them under the table). I left recommended resources for caregivers on my blog at


Donna Marie Johnson @LeadLikeAQueen being interviewed by Ali Vitali for the Today Show (Summer 2021)

I got to share part of my story on tv on the Today Show (aired this morning). I am pretty excited about this, and here is more context for my story.

See my article at

As a wife in the state of Georgia, I had no idea that what I thought I was signing up for was not what all those male lawmakers had in mind when they wrote all of those old (bad) laws to keep us women-folk in our places.

The Trap for the Wife & Spousal Caregiver Who Is Still Raising Kids

They trapped me. I am a spousal caregiver and a mom of younger kids. I have been applying for jobs for years so that I can take better care of my children, since my husband is no longer able to work. Apparently, my state will pay other people to take care of my husband, but they have (outdated) laws that specifically ban me from being able to become a paid caregiver for my husband. They say that it’s just my “wifely duty”.

And then when employers see my resume history gaps, they pass me over, despite my education, my training, my expertise, and my recommendations (visible on LinkedIn). They don’t care about any of it. They just swipe left and keep moving because an unpaid caregiving job is not a “real job”, according to old male lawmakers who are upholding…



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