Emerging from My COVID Cave

Coach Donna Marie Johnson
3 min readFeb 23, 2021

Restarting in 2021 with Peace and Focus

After failing to successfully hold my annual spring-summer library-sponsored event during the 2020 pandemic, I just retreated and focused on my family for the rest of the year.

Honestly, it was the best choice I could’ve made at that time because we had a lot of unexpected and unpredictable changes, all of which were collateral damage of the pandemic. These included having to move a month AFTER renewing the lease with the landlord because he was scared about the pandemic and decided to sell the house; to major health crisis for a family member that absorbed months of my time and led to me postponing graduate classes, again. Thank God we’re all okay and healthy now and live in a beautiful home and neighborhood.

How about you? Did you retreat to regroup? What are you doing to emerge now?

So, I am just going over past articles I have written and giving myself a high five [humble much?] because I realize just how insightful and helpful they are for me. I pray they are for you, too. Here are links to a couple of them on medium and on my main blog:

What is even more important for this lasting behavior change to happen (more important than thoughts and actions)? Being deeply rooted or grounded spiritually is the key to lasting lifestyle changes. When you approach lifestyle change from a spiritual perspective, it turns into what you do flowing out of who you are.

“Living From My Core: I believe that the core of my being is to live each day with focused positive love and grace-filled energy and gratefulness. My core’s source is Christ Jesus himself. At my core, I am in the center of God’s will. And I believe that in times when I am tempted to step outside of the core of who I am, it’s usually when I am living in a place of fear, anxiety, anger, and/or spacing/vegging out. The great news at these times is that Father God always uses Holy Spirit within my core to guide me gracefully and lovingly as I wake up and step back into being present to who I am at my…

Coach Donna Marie Johnson

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